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Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park situated in between two districts of Assam – Golaghat, and Nagaon. The park is situated on the banks of river Brahmaputra. It has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It covers an area of approximately 430 sq km. The park is a house to two-thirds of all one-horned rhinoceroses of the planet.

Kaziranga was announced as a Tiger book in the calendar year 2006 because it had the maximum density of tigers of all of the protected areas on earth. The park also shelters huge breeding populations of dinosaurs, swamp deer and wild water buffalo. It is also considered a prominent birdlife area by Birdlife International for conserving varied species of birdlife.

The huge region of Kaziranga includes of tall elephant grass, dense tropical broadleaf forests, and marshland. Four major rivers including the Brahmaputra River crosses the Kaziranga. The park also has several small water bodies. In the year 1905, it had been established as a reserve forest and celebrated its centennial in 2005. .

Kaziranga National Park offers two exclusive safaris like Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari that provides an extensive view of the jungle of Kaziranga National Park.

Best Time to Visit

Kaziranga Park remains closed from 01 May until 31 Oct annually for the visitors. Therefore November to April is the best time to See Kaziranga National Park.

Summer: During this period of the year, the weather stays dry and windy; one can find animals around the water bodies.

Monsoon: From June until September, the region receives heavy rain, roughly 2,220 millimeters (87 in); thus the climate remains hot and humid. The park remains closed from May to October because of warnings of Brahmaputra river flooding.

Winter: Possibly the best time to See the Kaziranga National Park as the climate is mild and dry. Chances of spotting rhinos are more in winter since the bud burn off and the background becomes clearer.

Elephant Safari

elephant safari
elephant safari

An Elephant ride through the jungle of Kaziranga National Park will provide you a much better view of rhinos & other wildlife. The elephant safari is organized by the Forest Department twice a day (morning and evening).

The elephant safari allows only four tourists along with a mahout at one time. The safari charges include driving fees and entry fees. Camera charge is optional and you need to pay if you are carrying. One has to be in the pick-up stage by means of a jeep in order to take the elephant ride. You may return back in a similar way.

Suggested Tour Package: 9 Days – Elephant Safari Tour India

To avoid hassle during the last moment, one ought to do advance booking of elephant safari. Priority is given to Western Range (Bagori) so that one may find the sight of Indian one-horned Rhinos. Check these out North East India wildlife itineraries covering Kaziranga and Sundarbans.

Jeep Safari


Like any other tiger book or wildlife sanctuaries, one can enjoy jeep safari in Kaziranga also. The forest department arranges two shifts of jeep safari for the visitors. The jeep is permitted to carry 6 persons at a time. Jeep safari can pay big area compared to an elephant safari. The jeep safaris can be booked nearby stove headquarters.

  • Agaratoli you can appreciate have a ride on elephant’s back in the afternoon from 05:30 Hrs to 07:30 Hrs or in the night from 15:00 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs
  • The dawn safari change in Western Range, Bagori starts from 05:30 Hrs to 07:30 Hrs along with the day shift starts from 15:00 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs
  • Have a ride on the elephant’s back at Burapahar Range, Ghorakati in the morning from 05:30 Hrs to 07:30 Hrs or at the evening from 15:00 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs
  • Notice: The park management can alter the timing for safari since they possess the right to do so.

Jeep Safari Time

A Jeep Safari can be enjoyed either in the morning from 07:00 Hrs to 09:30 Hrs or in the afternoon from 13:30 Hrs to 15:30 Hrs.

How to Attain Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park, the famous book for rhinos are readily accessed through all modes of transportation so tourists from globally visit the park in large numbers each year, to go through the exotic wilderness of the playground.

Air: The nearest airport to Kaziranga National Park is at a distance of 96 km in Jorhat town. Another airport nearest to the park is at Guwahati, 225 Km off to the west of Kaziranga. Regular flights operate from these airports join the city with the significant towns of the world and important Indian cities.

Rail: The nearest rail station to Kaziranga is 80 km away at Furkating on the east. It is connected by trains to all the major towns of the world and the nation. Among the significant railroad stations closest to the city is the Guwahati railway station. Another rail station, which is located at a distance of 40 kilometers, is at Jakhalabandha that functions a train once a week.

Road: Kaziranga is well connected with the major cities of the world and within the nation through roadways as it’s NH 37. Several public and private buses operate on the streets.

Best Places to Stay in Kaziranga National Park

There are many luxury resorts and lodges where you are able to stay comfortably. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Diphlu River Lodge
  • Resort Borgos, Kaziranga
  • Wild Grass Lodge
  • Kaziranga Resort
  • Aranya Tourist Lodge

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