Montana National Parks

Montana National Parks

Montana National Parks top Destinations

Montana, a state in the northwestern part of the United States is famous for its fast-growing tourism sector.  The city also known as the treasure state is featured by huge mountain ranges in the west and terrains in the east. Millions of tourists are seen in the state to explore its Rocky Mountains as well as lush green vegetation. But the most visited places are the two national parks, glacier and Yellowstone. The big sky resort and Flathead Lake are other major attractions. The Montana National Parks are home to huge varieties of wild animals that include reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians. The grizzly bear is found in large and the forests preserve some endangered species such as the black-footed ferrets, whooping cranes, and many others. The forest department is taken good care of by the government of Montana due to which the state has been able to manage such a huge treasure of flora and fauna.

1. Glacier National Park

Glacier national Park

It is one of the main attractions of Montana located at the border of the United States and Canada. This park contains a huge number of lakes, among which Lake McDonald is the largest, mountains and glaciers being the reason for calling the place ”crown of continent”. Mount Grinnell at the heart of the park is meant to increase the beauty of the national park. Glaciers are said to be the major source of water of the Pacific Ocean. The crystal clear water of the lakes with a view of pebbles inside the water is something to watch. The preserved ecosystem and the overall view of the region create a mesmerizing effect on the onlookers. The coniferous and deciduous forest is truly the homestay to many wild species of plants and animals.

Activities to do: Hiking through the long Ptarmigan tunnel, enjoying the lake hidden after a long trial through the underground passageway, camping in backcountry campgrounds, biking along the road “going to the sun road”, river rafting, fishing.

2. Yellowstone national park

Yellowstone national park

It is near to Bozeman and Billings and is known as the first national forest within the range of Montana National Park. This huge park covers a huge area of Montana and some parts of Wyoming and Idaho. The park is blessed with lakes, craggy mountains, geothermal spots, and subalpine forests. The upper Geyser Basin is meant to attract lots of tourists every year. The interesting fact is that the whole park is just on top of a volcanic spot. Visitors are likely to encounter some animals of the park such as coyotes, white-tailed deer, and pronghorn while on a trail.

Activities to do: Boating in Yellowstone Lake, horse riding, snowmobile tours in the winter season, exploring the long trial route.

3. Bitterroot national forest

Bitterroot national forest

The excursion to this forest starts from the Oregon Wallowa Lake and ends at the Bitterroot forest crossing Yellowstone Park on the way. The place has got a historical value of Nez Perce and how they survived to tolerate all the odds. During the spring season, the way is covered with thorny bushes like cacti and you can get glimpses of animals like wapitis and bighorn sheep.

Activities to do: Hiking trails and recreational activities

4. Lolo national forest

Lolo national forest

This region in Missoula is known for Lolo’s historic trial and has a historical background to be used as Clerk and Lewis expedition. The forest features the famous rattlesnake and creek species. Travelers could notice other wild animals here like black gear, mountain goats, timber wolves, and definitely the common animal of the region, the grizzly bears

Activities to do: Exciting hiking trails to rivers like Flathead River and lakes.

5. Helena national forest

Helena national forest

This forest has been formed in Helena with the Elkhorn Mountains in the south and Big Belt Mountains in the eastern side. The trial to this forest encloses an area of 1000 miles and requires adventure travelers to undertake the journey. On the way, you can spot a number of lakes, spruces, doulas firs, and spruces and have to go through stone-strewn roads. Watching birds of prey is an added advantage if you are lucky enough.

Activities to do: explore the trout creek canyon, crow creek falls, and a national recreational trail of Mount Helena.

6. Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument:

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument marks the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, which took place in 1876. The site is dedicated to preserving the memory of the soldiers and Native American warriors who fought in the battle. Visitors can take guided tours, walk the battlefield, and learn about the history of the battle.

7. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area:

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is located in northern Wyoming and southern Montana. The park offers opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and scenic drives. Visitors can explore the canyon’s rugged beauty and learn about the area’s rich cultural history.

8. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail:

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail follows the route taken by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in their exploration of the western United States. Visitors can hike or drive the trail and learn about the history of the expedition, including the challenges and discoveries they faced during their journey.

9. Nez Perce National Historical Park:

Nez Perce National Historical Park is dedicated to preserving the history of the Nez Perce people and their culture. The park includes 38 sites in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, and offers opportunities for hiking, camping, and scenic drives. Visitors can learn about the Nez Perce people’s history and their interactions with Lewis and Clark during their expedition.

10. Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site:

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site is a historic cattle ranch located in Deer Lodge, Montana. The site preserves the history of the western cattle industry and the legacy of Conrad Kohrs, one of the most successful cattle barons of the late 19th century. Visitors can take guided tours of the ranch, see historic buildings and equipment, and learn about the life of cowboys on the open range.

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