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Munsiyari Tourism

Munsiyari Tourism

Munsiyari Tourism

Munsiyari Tourism

Munsiyari Tourism

Top Tourist Attractions to check out in Munsiyari Tourism

Munsiyari is a Precious gem embedded in the crown of Kumaon Hills. This place is often compared to Kashmir for its natural beauty. Munsiyari means ‘a place with snow’. It is mainly known for the destination for nature lovers is also a place for adventurous people as who are seeking to do trekking on lesser trodden paths, skiing and even they can also enjoy snow leopard trek especially in the winter season. Munsiyari Tourism comprises of a beautiful hill station away from crowd and rich in diverse flora and fauna. Best time to visit at this place is between March and April as the entire forest area changes into the red with rhododendron flowers and with the snow-capped Himalayas makes it a wonderful site for visiting. The forests that cover the lower reaches are stunningly amazing with chromatic mountain vegetation. The inferior range comes alive at some point in spring with birds and blossoms.

Famous places and things to do in & around Munsiyari in Munsiyari Tourism


Madkot is also known for its hot water spring which is cures rheumatism, aching pains, skin eruptions. The hot water spring is situated on the Shore of Gori Ganga River. It is hamlet located near Munsiyari. It is a great spot for those who want to indulge in photography. Apart from this, it is rich in flora and fauna. This place is blessed with scenic splendour as it is rich in vegetation.

Birthi Falls Munsiyari Tourism

Birthi Falls is about 35 km away from Munsiyari. Falling from 126m, this waterfall makes an extremely refreshing and energetic experience. This place is covered by green surroundings in various chromatic. This place is located in the dense forest and provides spellbinding sight of Himalayas. The beauty of Waterfall is the main reason for the attraction of tourists. September and June is the best time to plan a visit to Birthi Falls

Maheshwari Kund

Maheshwari Kund people also named it Messar kind. It is just a few km away walk from Munsiyari. A very beautiful location attached with a fascinating legend. This place is surrounded by magnificent and amazing mountain peaks with various kinds of Rhododendrons with flowers and flashy colours.

Panchachuli Peak

Panchachuli Peak is the five peaks as the star attraction point among tourists. “chuli’ means chulha or cooking hearths. One can experience a bright sunrise during the morning and also an amazing view of moonrise after sunset. Its five peaks add a charm to the beauty of delightful Johar valley. These snow-capped Himalayan peaks are the main wonderful point of attraction act as heaven on the earth.

Thamari Kund

Thamari kind is small pond surrounded by the natural beauty in abundance. This place is popular among trekkers and other visitors for calmness and as a relaxing point. Thamri Kund itself is a treat for tourists as it takes visitors amidst lush green and amazing forests. It provides a magnificent and wonderful view of the Himalayans snow-clad peaks. Tourists find it as a hidden gem in Munsiyari which gaining attention slowly.

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