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New York Helicopter Tours Dos and Don’ts for First-Timers

With helicopter tours of New York City becoming a popular attraction, there are many tour services that claim to be the Best Airport Helicopter Tours in New York. You can compare the price and package details, to book a flight with what you consider to be the Best Airport Helicopter Tours in New York.

But before you take to the skies here are some dos and don’ts that you should be aware of.


Book in Advance

Though there are many helicopter tour providers, the Best Airport Helicopter Tours in New York get booked out in advance. So, if you want to avail the best packages and rides you need to book online in advance.

Carry Documents

Before you are allowed to board the helicopter, there are security checks to be completed. You need to carry a  photo I.D. as well as the credit or debit card that had been used to book the ride. Without the identity and card check, you will not be allowed on board.

Be on Time

Be on Time

The Best Airport Helicopter Tours in New York are always punctual. You cannot be late for your flight since it might delay other flights. You need to get done with the security check and safety briefing. So, reach the airport or heliport well before your flight time.

Carry Devices to Take Pictures On

The flight over NYC is once to cherish forever. You can carry hand-held cameras, iPad, and phones. Bring your best device to capture the views.

Listen To the Pilot

Listen To the Pilot

Your pilot is in charge of ensuring that you have a fun and safe flight. As you fly, your pilot will keep giving you information about the sites that you see. In case of an emergency, you need to listen carefully to what your pilot says for your safety.

Pay Attention to the Safety Instructions

Before you board your flight, you will be given a short safety briefing. Though the chances of you needing to recall the briefing are less, it is essential to know what to do during emergencies.

Never Get Out of Your Seat

Once you enter the flight, you will be strapped into your seat. Do not remove seatbelts until instructed and never get out of your seat during the flight. Getting out of your seat can be a major safety risk.

Do Not Try to Tinker with The Helicopter

You might want to know more about the machine that is flying you around. But you should never try to touch the machinery inside the helicopter. You might just end up popping open the door mid-flight.

Do Not Try to Negotiate a Longer Flight

Once you get a glimpse of the city from the skies, you might want to extend your flight. The Best Airport Helicopter Tours in New York runs on a tight schedule which means that negotiating a longer trip with your pilot will be in vain. If you want a longer trip, book a longer flight in advance.

Never Try to Sneak in Any Contraband

Apart from your wallet, phones, photography devices, and sunglasses, you will not be allowed to carry anything else on board. You can leave your things in a rented locker at the NYC airport or heliport that you are flying from. Carrying anything that is prohibited can lead to severe legal consequences.

Do Not Try to Board/Deboard the Helicopter till You Get the Green Signal

Getting on or off the helicopter must be done when the staff gives you permission. Once your safety briefing is done, your pilot will take you to the helicopter. With the helicopter safely stationary you will be instructed by your pilot to exit after the flight.

Adhere to the rules and regulations set by the helicopter tour provider to enjoy your flight.

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