Pilgrimage Destinations in Karnataka

Pilgrimage Destinations in Karnataka

Karnataka, the capital of Bangalore, is a haven for spiritual travelers. From heritage structures delineating the rich historical past of this region, to temple structures with their exemplary detailings, this state has become a major tourist magnet. If you too are attracted to the calmness of divine havens or are an avid architecture enthusiast, then you need to take out some time off your busy schedule and traipse around the most famous pilgrimage destinations in and around Karnataka.

Get over the hefty travel guides, and simply scroll through the following list to get an idea about the most prominent and prestigious pilgrimage sites of Karnataka. It’s time to release all the stress!

Srirangapatna Temple

Srirangapatna Temple

Situated close to the city of Mysore, Srirangapatna is one of the renowned spots in Karnataka, attributable to its social, religious, and memorable significance. The whole town is encompassed by the Kaveri river to frame a river island. As per history, Srirangapatna was established by the rulers of the Ganga dynasty in the ninth century, but the destination came into the spotlight amid the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire. While in Srirangapatna, do visit the namesake temple, the Srirangapatna temple, to get a better understanding and detail about the city and its past.


Mookambika Temple - Pilgrimage Destinations in Karnataka

Kollur is well known for the Mookambika Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage center, and is located pretty close to Tamil Nadu. The destination significantly pulls in the admirers of Shakti which is rich in Puranic Lore. The Mookambika Temple is devoted to the goddess Parvati and is believed to be made by Parashuram. In Tamil, Goddess Parvati is known as Thai Mookambika. The temple is located on the banks of the River Souparnika. This river is known as Souparnika, as it is believed that an eagle called Suparna achieved salvation when she did penance on the bank.


Udupi Karnataka
Udupi Karnataka

Udupi is a well-known temple town and district headquarters of the Udupi District. It is additionally the origination of Udupi cuisine which is renowned over the world. The name of this city was started from Udupi. As indicated by a local legend, the 27 stars of Hindu astrology were hitched to the Moon and before long, the Moon lost its shine. As Lord Shiva is the final resort for everybody, the Moon and the stars made a Lingam and offered puja. Udu implies Lord and Pa implies Stars in Sanskrit.


Dharmasthala - Pilgrimage Destinations in Karnataka

Dharmasthala is known for the temple of Sri Manjunathaswamy, dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per myth, angels in the guise of men visited Barmana Heggade’s house. Persuaded by the genuineness of Heggade and his family, the holy messengers came in their dreams, promising to dwell at Kusuma. To satisfy the desire of the blessed messengers, Barman built shrines for Kalarkai, Kalarahu, Kanyakumari, and Kumaraswamy. Subsequently, Heggade built the Manjunatha Swamy temple in Dharmasthala and put the Shivalingam. Before long, Kuduma became Dharmasthala and recently, it has developed as a city dotted with structures, visitor cottages, and various sanctuaries.


Kurudumale in the Kolar region of Karnataka is well known for Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple and Someswara Temple. The Ganapati temple at Kurudumale is known to be a powerful place. The lovely sanctuary was built during the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Ganesha idol in this very respected sanctuary is 14 feet tall and pulls in swarms of devotees amid weekends and exceptional celebrations.

So make a plan, get your train ticket booking done, and embark upon a journey full of spirituality, tranquility, and bountiful charm. Have a great time!

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