Kanyakumari Tourism

Kanyakumari Tourism

Kanyakumari, The Southernmost Tip of India – Kanyakumari Tourism

Kanyakumari or the Cape Comorin, the southernmost tip of peninsular India is sprawled more than a region of 1672 sq. km, occupying 1.29% of the total extent of Tamil Nadu. The Kanyakumari is also referred to as Kanniyakumari in the Tamil Language. It is the confluence stage of three oceans – the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea as well as the Indian Ocean. Apart from this, it really is also vital Hindu pilgrim middle, renowned for its exotic sunrises and sunsets over the horizon. One of the special features of Kanyakumari could be the multicolored sand found on its seaside.

Gandhi memorial KanyaKymari This beautiful land is encircled by majestic hills together with swaying coconut trees and paddy fields. You will discover also several elevated patches of red cliffs and some free-flowing valleys presenting an eye-pleasing scene. 1 may also see plains between the mountainous terrain as well as the sea – coast, with Temples and Churches standing proudly. Genuinely, a gorgeous method to mark the finish with the land of marvelous India.

Background of Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari or the Cape Comorin was as soon as referred to as the Alexandria of your east. A hub of artwork, culture, civilization, and pilgrimage for many years, it really is well-known for commerce and trade. The architecture of this beautiful seashore land is greatly inspired by religions like Islam, Christianity, and Jainism. Kanyakumari was ruled by the Cholas, the Cheras, the Pandyas as well as the Nayaks, all great rulers of south India. The credit for the architectural elegance of the temples discovered in Kanyakumari goes to these rulers. Kanyakumari was given the name Cape Comorin by the British as it was easier for them to pronounce.

According to a legend Kanya Devi, an avatar of Goddess Parvati, was intended to wed Lord Shiva. But he did not turn up with the auspicious time as well as the wedding in no way take place. For that reason, the rice and cereals, which had been to be used for that marriage remained uncooked. The stones found rights here resemble rice and cereals and nowadays one can get these stones. Native population believes that they’re the leftovers in the legendary marriage that may not be solemnized. and also princess Kanya Devi, grew to become a virgin goddess blessing pilgrims and tourists alike.

Attractions At Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari has lots of tourist points of interest luring innumerable visitors, properly promoted by the tourism department of Tamil Nadu. Amongst the most critical would be the Kumari Amman or the Kanyakumari Temple, located around the seashore. It’s devoted to a manifestation of Parvati, the virgin goddess who did penance to acquire Lord Shiva’s hand in marriage. You’ll find two rocks reaching out of the ocean, situated southeast of the Kumari Amman temple. 1 among these is Sri Padaparai, where the footprints of your virgin goddess are mentioned to be imprinted on the rock. It is stated that Swami Vivekananda sat in deep meditation and here one can also locate the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial constructed in 1970. There’s also a dhyana mandapam right here, a perfect spot to meditate. Yet another crucial attraction right here will be the Gandhi Memorial, created around the spot where the vase consisting of the Mahatma’s ashes was kept for public viewing prior to submersion.

Excursions  Tour from Kanyakumari

Excursions are always exciting plus the excursion destinations from Kanyakumari are all the more fun. Some of the main tourism destinations nearby are Vattakottai (literally, circular fort), an 18th-century fort dominating the sea is situated about 6 km from Kanyakumari. The Udayagiri Fort situated around 34 km, is developed by King Marthanda Varma in 1729-1758 AD.

An additional vacation spot, situated around 13 km from Kanyakumari is Suchindram. The Thanumalayan temple right here is a depository of artwork that treasures belonging of those kingdoms, who once ruled this spot. The Nagaraja Temple at Nagarkoil situated about 20 km is a splendid temple with Nagaraja since the worshiped deity. The Padmanabhapuram Palace has located around 45 km from Kanyakumari. It really is a significant mansion of your Travancore Kings and is well-known for its engrossing pure magnificence.

Tiruchendur located around 85 km away from Kanyakumari will be the venue of a stunning temple dedicated to Lord Subramanya. This shore temple on the Bay of Bengal is one of your 6 abodes of Lord Subramanya. The Courtallam Fall situated practically 137 km and located at a height of 167 m, is believed to include therapeutic water.

Kanyakumari Festivals

Some of the necessary festivals celebrated here would be the Chaitra Purnima Festival celebrated inside the initial week of May possibly, Navratri celebrated within the last week of October and also the Holy Yearly Festival on the Roman Catholic Church celebrated in the fourth week of December. These will be the notable festivals celebrated in Kanyakumari.

Places to visit under Kanyakumari Tourism

The southernmost part of terrain India is the Kanyakumari which is located on the top of the Indian peninsula.  Kanyakumari is circumscribed by Laccadive or the Lakshadweep sea towards the southwest, south of the city and also towards the south-east. Kanyakumari tourism has been one of the significant focuses of expressions, culture, and religion since antiquated circumstances. The city’s shorelines are likewise the main shorelines on the planet where you can encounter both dawn and dusk. A large number of travelers visit different sanctuaries which are present in the city of Tamil Nadu and the unblemished shorelines also attract a large number of visitors. Here’s the rundown of the best places one can visit under Kanyakumari tourism.

1. Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari Temple

The temple is likewise alluded to as Bhagvaty Amman Temple and is one of the 108 Shakti Peetha in Hindu folklore. The sanctuary is one of the real Hindu sanctuaries crosswise over India and is said in all the antiquated Hindu sacred texts. The sanctuary is frequented by a huge number of pioneers every year and the sanctuary’s design is likewise special.

2. Vivekananda Rock Memorial

One of the notorious landmarks in Kanyakumari, the Vivekananda Rock Memorial is found 100 meters from the shore and is one of the real vacation destinations in Kanyakumari. The little island can be reached by ship and comprises two primary structures. The Vivekananda Mandapam and the Shripada Mandapam are the two primary buildings of remembrance and are frequented by a large number of voyagers.

3. Suchindrum


Suchindrum the town of the sanctuary is found 11 kilometers from the city of Kanyakumari. The sanctuaries here are worked in the particular Dravidian style and are embellished

They are full of enormous gopurams which are typically normal for all the Dravidian sanctuaries. The most elevated gopuram is 134 feet high and within the sanctuaries brandish different perfect shake cut columns and entryways. Being an antiquated sanctuary town it is frequented by countless every year. Suchitra is one of the best to visit under Kanyakumari tourism.

4. Padmanabhapuram Palace

Padmanabhapuram Palace

The old rock fortification was the living arrangement of the Travancore Rulers and was developed around 1601 AD. The fortress complex contains a few essential structures like the King’s committee Chamber, Thai Kottaram or the Mother’s royal residence, and the Natakasala or the place of exhibitions and so on. The fortress likewise has a little gallery that contains different ancient rarities from the more established circumstances and different weapons like swords and blades, works of art, Chinese jugs, and plenty of wooden furniture.

5. Thiruvalluvar Statue

Thiruvalluvar Statue

The monstrous 133 feet tall statue is of the Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar, who was thought to be one of the best Tamil artists in India. Thiruvalluvar Statue is one of the greatest in Asia and was disclosed on the first of January 2000. The platform of the statue is creatively outlined and is finished with 10 elephants which means different bearings. Being a piece of the royal territory of Travancore and a noteworthy social and religious center point from the Sangam period, Kanyakumari is a place not to be missed on your visit to India. The previously mentioned places are not just a few of the most prominent places in Kanyakumari yet, in addition, they are significant attractions of India.

How to reach Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari can be reached by:

  1. Air: The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, approximately 85 km from Kanyakumari.
  2. Rail: Kanyakumari has a railway station, with frequent trains connecting it to major cities in India such as Chennai, Trivandrum, and Bengaluru.
  3. Bus: Kanyakumari is well connected to major cities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala by road. Regular bus services are available from cities such as Nagercoil, Trivandrum, and Madurai.
  4. Driving: Kanyakumari can also be reached by car, with good road connections from major cities in the region.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kanyakumari is from October to March, during the winter months, as the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. During this time, the temperature ranges from 20°C to 30°C, making it comfortable to explore the town and its surroundings.

From April to September, the monsoon season brings heavy rainfall to the region, making it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing. However, if you’re interested in experiencing the beauty of Kanyakumari during the monsoons, you can still visit the place, but be prepared for some rain and carry the necessary rain gear.

Nearby attractions

Kanyakumari is a popular tourist destination in southern India, known for its unique beauty and rich cultural heritage. Some of the nearby attractions you can visit while in Kanyakumari are:

  1. Kanyakumari Beach: This stunning beach is famous for its beautiful sunset and sunrise views, and is a must-visit for anyone visiting the town.
  2. Vivekananda Rock Memorial: This memorial is built on one of two rocks located off the coast of Kanyakumari, and is dedicated to the Indian philosopher and spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda.
  3. Thiruvalluvar Statue: This 133-feet tall statue is dedicated to the famous Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar, and offers panoramic views of the town and the surrounding seas.
  4. Bhagavathy Amman Temple: This ancient temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagavathy and is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus in southern India.
  5. Gandhi Memorial: This memorial is dedicated to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and houses his memorabilia, including his ashes.
  6. Suchindram Temple: This ancient Hindu temple is known for its impressive architecture and sculptures, and is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.
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