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Places to visit in the US

Places to visit in the US

Places to visit in the US

Places to visit in the US

Places to visit in the US

Top 5 Outdoors Places to visit in the US

One of the great things about visiting the US is its amazing diversity. You can spend your holidays touring phenomenal theme parks or hanging out in some of the most exciting and affluent cities in the world. What’s more, the US also has some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders that tourists flock to all year round.

I discovered just how beautiful America is when my youngest child attended a boarding school in New England and on our visit to see her, I and my husband wanted to see as many of the natural sites of America that we could. We ended up taking a whirlwind road trip across the states and had the most incredible time.

Here are 5 of our favorite places we visited while in the States:

Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach
Palm Beach

Perhaps the crème de la crème of Florida beaches, Palm Beach is a must-see if you travel to this sunny state. Characterized by constant sunshine, crystal clear sea, golden sand beaches, and beautiful people – it shouldn’t be missed! Enjoy your time here by sunbathing or have some fun and rent a jet ski or go snorkeling. A truly spectacular beach, you will want to put it on your bucket list if you’re a regular beach bum.

Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park - Places to visit in the US

For the American desert experience, you will want to check out Death Valley located inland of California. Billed as one of the hottest places in the world, this scorching desert has a unique and oftentimes haunting beauty to it. You can enjoy driving en route to fabulous Las Vegas or you can stay at a local inn or resort and make a weekend out of it. Great for hiking and photography, Death Valley will likely be one of the most unusual places you will ever visit.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana & Idaho

Yellowstone National Park - Places to visit in the US
Yellowstone National Park

This historic national park is hailed by many as one of the most beautiful and scenic parks in all of America. It plays home to many indigenous animals such as wolves, bison, bears, and elks. Natural wonders include geysers and hot springs and people travel from all over America to hike fish, camp, and horse ride. If you love the feeling of being out in the wilderness, you definitely won’t want to miss a trip to Yellowstone National Park on your next US trip.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Colorado
Aspen Colorado

If you enjoy mountains and mountain sports, you will want to check out Colorado’s mountainous terrain. Aspen is one of the most famous Colorado mountain destinations, popular with locals, tourists, and even celebrities. Boasting fantastic slopes and a vibrant, upscale nightlife Aspen is both a glamorous and adventurous choice for enjoying skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.

New York City, New York

Places to Visit in New York
Places to Visit in New York

Although this may seem a distinct contrast compared to other destinations that made the list, New York City is still a must-see when in the States. This huge and architecturally diverse city is perhaps best enjoyed by foo

making it great for those who enjoy walking. Explore the many sites and parks that New York City has to offer and take in the sounds and sights of this cosmopolitan city. And if you tire of the hustle and bustle, rent a car and explore the more countrified states further north.

America is such a spread out and large country that there are many different climates and sceneries that can be explored and enjoyed. Do some research before you embark on a trip to the US in order to tailor your perfect trip and avoid missing out on any natural wonders that may be just a short trip away from your lodgings. Happy travels!


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