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Protect Yourself Bed Bugs While Traveling

Protect Yourself Bed Bugs While Traveling

Protect Yourself Bed Bugs While Traveling

Protect Yourself Bed Bugs While Traveling

Protect Yourself Bed Bugs While Traveling

Protect Yourself Bed Bugs While Traveling

Ways to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs While Traveling

Are you concerned about encountering bed bugs on your next trip? There are measures that can be taken to help you avoid these bothersome pests and save yourself some nasty, itchy bites. Follow the tips outlined below to protect yourself when you next travel.

Check out your destination before you leave home



If you go online and check out the location where you will be traveling, you can often learn of any problems that may have arisen due to bed bug outbreaks. You will want to research your hotel before you actually book a reservation. Read reviews from others who have stayed there and learn of any positive or negative feedback.

Pack carefully


When you pack your suitcase, place your various clothing items in plastic bags. Leave them in these bags when you reach your destination. You may also want to use hard-shell luggage, as there will be fewer places for insects to hide. Spraying your luggage with a bed bug spray will act as a further deterrent.

Inspect your room when you arrive

You will want to do a thorough search of your room upon arrival. Use a flashlight and magnifying glass, as these items will enable you to find signs of bed bugs if they are present. Check out bed bug pictures online so you know what to look for. Look for black specks, red or brown stains on the bedding, shed skin, and tiny eggshells. You should closely inspect all of the sheets, pillows, and pillowcases. Also check the mattress and seams, the bed frame, bedsprings, and headboard. Look behind wall hangings, check the seams in upholstered furniture, and also look closely in the corners of drawers. Go over the room with a fine-tooth comb, as bed bugs can easily hide.

Got bed bugs? Get another room

If you find bed bugs or signs of them in your room, do not hesitate to report it to management and obtain another room. You will want to be relocated to a room in a different section of the hotel, as bed bugs can crawl from one location to areas nearby. You may even want to consider asking for a refund and reserving a room in another hotel to play it safe. If you do, you will need to go through the same careful room inspection all over again.

Watch where you put your suitcases

Do not put your suitcases on the carpet or bed, where bed bugs might be hiding. Use a luggage rack, if one is provided, or you may want to place your luggage on a table or desk.

Be cautious when you arrive back home

When your trip is over and you return home, just in case any pests have hitched a ride in your luggage, do not unpack your suitcases inside the house. You can do your unpacking outside and immediately wash all of your clothing in the hottest water that they can handle, as bed bugs are killed by heat. If you must unpack inside, do it in the bathtub, where bed bugs cannot climb.

A bit of caution and forethought will enable you to travel without the worry of bed bug infestations. Follow the tips listed above and enjoy your time away from home.


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