Rose Café in South Delhi

Rose Café in South Delhi

Located in the Westend Marg of Said Ul Ajaib, the Rose Café is one of the best cafés in the Southern part of Delhi. It is a very pretty café famous for its ambiance and attracts people from all over the world. Couples find a different mood here and can spend golden moments with their partners. The cafe is so colorful glowing in pink and blue hues that justifies its name. It is just perfect to set the visitor’s mood. The ceilings are seen blushing with pretty lamps and the lightning is adjusted in a way to create a romantic surrounding. This is a must-visit place for those who want to make their dates memorable one full of lots of nice memories to take back home.

Visitor’s guide

The café is near the Saket Metro station. It is kept open on all days of the week and the day is started from 12 noon till 10 at night. And while you are in Delhi to visit famous places like Qutub Minar, Alai Minar, Jagannath Temple, Garden of Five Senses, Delhi Heritage Walks, Qutub Golf Course, Agra Taj Visit, then this café is best if you want some calm and quiet place to relax and dine after a weary day. Parking space is there and you can come here on your rented or own vehicle.

Decoration Rose Café

Decoration Rose Café

Both the interiors and the exterior shines in their grandeur of traditional look. As you enter the café you could find yourself in a world of antiques that reflect the charm of the old world. The interiors are lit up with colorful walls and the food it serves is a total match to your thoughts. It is the best place for a relaxed evening and also a summer afternoon if you want to refresh yourself with a cocktail. The lights are so cute creating a romantic environment contrasted with the pastel colors of the walls. The wooden furniture seems distressed creating a vintage vibration all around. The outdoors is equally beautiful and is a perfect place to spend quality time with your partner.

Features of The Vintage Rose Café

  • The café serves the best continental dishes in the state; not only continental but also Mediterranean, Italian, and Lebanese dishes which are must-try.
  • Although a small café in the ground floor of the building, it is that inviting due to its indoor decoration and alfresco dining.
  • And moreover, the location is at the posh region of the Saket neighborhood increasing its charm among the locals and tourists.
  • It is also highlighted with board games and outdoor seating arrangements. Other than international dishes it also serves Indian vegan and non-vegan dishes.
  • There is a parking facility available for them to come on their own vehicles. All kinds of payment options are there including Amex, Cards and wallet payments. The café is fully air-conditioned with facilities of Wi-Fi.
  • The main feature of this café cum restaurant is its comfy and cozy nature that attracts people who want to have their meal in a luxurious environment.
  • The management department and the staffs welcome the visitors in a friendly manner. The food quality is of high slandered and the taste is just awesome and you would just love it.
  • Cold beverages, pizza, and the heavenly espresso cake are special items of the café.


  • Menus of the Rose Café create a lot different from other restaurants when it comes to select eateries in Delhi as the foods are very tasty. Varieties of lip-smacking cuisines are there at a reasonable price. There is no facility for online reservations. It takes a maximum of 1000 INR for two persons. To have an English breakfast this one is definitely the right place for you. The tearoom and the garden create a theme of an English village. Among the beverages, you must try ‘rose café iced coffee’ at just 150 INR. Lemonades, milkshakes, black coffee, and varieties of milkshakes are available. Among cakes are banana walnut, apple cake, chocolate cakes, and assorted muffins available on order.
  • You must also try the Rose Café’s Special White Pizzas which is a cool summer treat. There are also skinny pizzas of different tastes among which the Garlic Herb Mushroom and the Chicken Jalapeno are special. Sandwiches of rose café are also of great interest. Continental, grilled and the special rose café club is something to die for. They are always ready to cook specially ordered pasta for you of your choice. You may go for Spaghetti with meatballs which are an evening delight.
  • Wonderful and latest chicken recipes are there that include mustard chicken, and stuffed chicken, and also fish lovers can have delightful dishes of fish. There is a full pack of a meal that comes at the rate of 550 INR per person which includes a starter, toast, rolls or tars, scones or cakes, and a beverage of your choice. Among vegan recipes, there are different types of salads, soups, beans in a bun, and many more. Grilled mushroom sandwiches, wraps, vegetarian shepherd’s pie, and sautéed vegetables are favorite items of vegans. So whatever is the taste and choice of the visitors the café is capable to satisfy your hunger.

Rose Café is a nice option for fine dining that serves cuisines from all over the world. Foreigners do not find any difficulty in having meals when coming to this restaurant. They feel at home like a meal in India. You can find both contemporary and traditional touches in the recipes. The menu is also elaborated as per the size of groups and big-time foodies. Seasonal menus, special menus, and fixed menus are available in their list of menus. Food is prepared out of fresh ingredients and it is hygienic and safe to consume. Small quantities are prepared every day so that it is not wasted depending upon the average number of visitors and if there is extra people then it is again prepared as per order.

How to reach

To reach Rose Café in South Delhi, you have several transportation options:

  1. By Metro: The nearest metro station is the Hauz Khas metro station on the Yellow Line, which is located approximately 10 minutes away from the café by taxi or auto-rickshaw.
  2. By Bus: Several Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses run to the Hauz Khas area and stop near the cafe.
  3. By Taxi or auto-rickshaw: Taxis and auto-rickshaws are widely available in Delhi, and you can easily hail one on the street or book one through a ride-hailing app.
  4. By car: If you have your own car, you can drive to the café and take advantage of the nearby parking facilities.

Whichever transportation option you choose, it’s best to check the traffic and transportation conditions in South Delhi before you set out, as the area can get congested during peak hours.

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