Telangana tourism-top places to visit

A few places of Telanganan tourism has been given below:

Telangana tourism
(Last Updated On: February 5, 2020)

Telangana tourism-top places to visit

A separate state of Telangana was established in the year 2013, and it was brought into effect on June 2014. In ancient times the region of Telangana was known to be ruled by great rulers like Kakathiyas and Mughals. The architecture of that time was the most impressive one in the country. Bathukamma is a famous vibrant and colourful festival that is celebrated by the women of that region. It is festival of flowers.

The state is also famous in world-class arts and crafts, most importantly the bronze casting are damn amazing. Incredible idols are created out of this metal by skilled professionals. Telangana is a newly emerged state and it runs a cooperation that operates various package trips to attractive destinations. Telangana actually means Trilinga Desa, the place of three ancient temples of Lord Shiva, Srisailam, Kaleshwaram and Draksharamam. A few places of Telangana tourism has been given below:

Divine tour

Telangana is rich in temples and forts and you are bound to feel a sense of bliss while going on a divine tour.

  • Anantha Padmananda swami temple– This Hindu temple is located in the region of Ananthagiri hills in Rangareddy district of the state. The temple is dedicated to the lord of the universe, lord Vishnu.
  • Bhadrachalam – It is a town of temples, located along the banks of river Godavari. The place is situated in the district of Khammam, Telangana.
  • Lakshmi Narashimha temple– In the Karimnagar district of Telangana is situated the village of Dharmapuri. The main importance of the village is the presence of shrine that has been designed dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha.

A visit to the ancient forts

  • Khammam fort– This fort is located at a distance of 193 kilometres in the east region of Hyderabad. Is holds a historical significance for the whole state and stands at the top of a hill with lots of past glories.
  • Golkonda fort- It is situated at a distance of 9 kms from Hussain Sagar Lake at the west of Hyderabad city. The fort hols wonderful architectural structures and possess a lots of ancient memories.
  • Nirmal fort– The ancient rulers have greatly contributed to the construction of this fort. A prominent patronization of culture could be seen in this fort. Situated in the district of Adilabad, it reflects the past heritage in the town of Nirmal.

Nature tour in Telangana tourism

The most eye soothing and soul dancing environment could be spotted only at the lap of nature. The cool pristine surrounding of Telangana has much to offer to the nature lovers.

  • Ananthagiri hills– It is Located at a distanc of 10 kms from Vikrabad, in the district of Rangariddi. The hills servs as the only source of water for Himayathsagar and Osmansagar. It is placed among the densest forest within the Telangana region. A temple located in the forest region, from where the Munsi River has originated. Adventure lovers would find it an interesting place for trekking.
  • Bogatha waterfall– This is the second highest waterfall in the state of Telangana in Khmmam district and provides a splendid view of waterfalls with rich landscape.
  • Durgam cheruvu– The royal town of Nawabs has got a lake secretly hidden from the crowd of busy people. It is located close to the village of Shilparaman. It is rich in natural view with a long range of flora and fauna.

Wildlife Telangana tourism

  • Discover the exotic species of animals and birds and get lost into the wild beauty of nature. Explore the native species of Telangana by getting in the depth of wilderness.
  • Jannaram wildlife sanctuary– This wildlife sanctuary is a home to many animal species such as Cheetal, Sloth Bear, Indian Bison, Nilgai and definitely the tiger. You can smell wild, see wild and enjoy the beauty of the wild with all your senses. Winter is the best time to explore the region.
  • Mahavir harina Vanashthali National Park– The national park is characterised with Deccan formation due to the rocky exposures. Curious travellers could spot a few unique varieties of species that include wild boars, foxes, Indian vipers and black-naped hares.
  • Telangana tourism offers a vast range of tourist attraction starting from temples to wild life specials. The state has many such places to explore and enjoy tour at its best.


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Telangana tourism-top places to visit
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