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Uran Beach Navy Mumbai

Uran Beach Navy Mumbai

Uran Beach Navy Mumbai

Uran Beach Navy Mumbai

Uran Beach Navy Mumbai

Uran Beach Navy Mumbai

Uran Beach in Navy Mumbai

The Uran Beach in Navy Mumbai is also known as Pirwari beach and is an undiscovered and less explored beach. The beach is primarily used for agriculture and fishing. Most of the fish of Mumbai comes from this part of the peninsular region of Uran. The place is also second largest rice producing area in the whole country. If you are on the way to Uran beach then you can spot paddy fields along the roadside. Uran is also known for ONGC that is located just opposite the Uran beach. The beach and the industrial refinery of ONGC are divided by a narrow road. Due to this the area is prone to oil and gas pollution and sensitive does not feel comfortable in the beach. There is the platform of the factory over the sea that releases emulsions and gas which is responsible to make the area but otherwise the beach is a nice one to spend a peaceful day away from the city crowd.


Uran Lies between Karjat and Panvel in the district of Konkan. Being a peninsular the beach is surrounded by water on all three sides. The side that is attached to the land is Raigarh district. Uran is at situated at a distance of 60 km from the city of Mumbai. From the beach could be accessed in one and half hour. Public buses run to the beach frequently and alternatively you can hire a cab or a taxi to reach the beach in a comfortable manner.

How to reach Uran Beach

The nearest airport is Chattrapati Shivaji international airport, the distance of which from the beach is 185 km. From there you can hire a taxi to the famous Gateway of India and then from the Bhau Cha point you can reach Uran by ferry ride. The closest station to the beach is Chatrapati Shivaji terminus which lies at a distance of 57 km. uran is regarded as an island and regular there is ferry service from Bhau Cha Dhakka to the beach.

Where to stay

There are lots of places to stay in Uran. There are numerous budget hotels as well as luxurious resorts near the Uran beach. The Uran Plaza is a popular resort along the beach with fabulous amenities along with pocket friendly options. Krishna resort is another home stay where you can experience a beautiful atmosphere and you would feel yourself to be at home. Other nearby hotels in Navy Mumbai is corporate hotel, Hotel Venkat Presidency, Hotel Puja heritage and Hotel Yogi.

Nearby attractions

There are many attractive shrines which are frequented by lots of devotees. Mankeshwar temple is located very near to the beach and takes just a five minutes’ walk from there. This temple of Lord Shiva provides peace and energy to the visitors. Dronagiri temple is nice place that gives a wonderful view of the Dharamteer Bay. Another temple is Ambikawadi of Nagaon is Sri Sai Baba temple which is known for walking journey or padayatra till the place Shirdi. The Raghoba temple is another beautiful temple that stands on Panvel Highway where special Aarti is done on Tuesday and the major festival of the temple is celebrated in the month of April every year making lots of mass gatherings .Sri Dutta Mandir and Ratneshwari temple is other major attractions in Uran which is well known for a great fair attracting lot of interested people.

Uran beach is a fantastic solitary beach where you can spend your weekend with your partner and family as well. There is a garden in the vicinity that is a nice place for the kids. You can see little horses grazing in the field. Local tourists from Panvel, Mumbai and Navy Mumbai visit the beach frequently to spend their short weekend. If you stand at the sea shore and stare at the opposite you can see a town at the opposite of the shore. The town is the city of Mumbai. At night it looks awesome but very less number of people is seen to stay till night in the beach. There is also a helipad where many helicopters are seen descending. Most of those are used by the navy armies.

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