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Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach- a perfect weekend spot in Mumbai

Located at a distance of 27 km from Mumbai, Aksa Beach offers a beautiful weekend destination for everyone. The waterfront houses Indian Navy Base –INS Hamla. The picturesque environment and gentle weather make it a suitable place for an unforgettable beach vacation. The strong undercurrents of the beach water make swimming and surfing unsafe for visitors. Peace lovers and nature enthusiast find this place a suitable one for them. The beach being less crowded does not give pace top pollute it with litters. Although there are little garbage scattered here and there but not so much like any other popular beaches of Maharashtra.

Due to strong currents and sinking sand, the beach is not suitable for swimming or water sports. Warning alerts could be seen on the beach for making the visitors’ alert of such prohibition. Lifeguards have been installed for the safeguard of the common people. As the tides keep on changing rapidly the area is prone to accidents. People often face troubles as they ignore such warnings. During the monsoon season, the waves of the sea become more turbulent. Still, numbers of visitors never decrease due to its awesome view of the sunset and favorable weather.


Borivali railway station

The beach can be easily reached from the nearest railway station Malad. Borivali railway station also lies nearby from where Best Buses are accessible. Private transport facilities are available from both the station. Andheri West railway station is also situated nearby. If you are going through Andheri then head for Versova village. Then take a ferry ride from there to Madh Island. From Madh island buses no. 269 and 271 leave for Aksa Beach.

Where to stay

Mahuwa Holiday Home

The beach is dotted with hotels and private cottages but most of them do not allow rent for a short time of the day. City dwellers are seen to frequent this beach due to its quiet nature. Nature lovers and peace seekers can enjoy this pristine environment and avail a quiet moment in the lap of the beach. Private cottages are scattered around the beach that offers nice home stays for couples. Among the few places to stay near the beach are The Resort which is 0.4 km away from the beach and Mahuwa Holiday Home at a distance of 1.9 km from the spot.

What to do

Photo fanatics and fun lovers find the beach a beautiful one for fulfilling their thirst of capturing magnificent shots and enjoy what nature offers respectively. As for high danger alert, anything related to water is avoided. There are few stalls that offer lip-smacking roadside eateries which is the best thing to do on the beach other than watching the sunset. Swimming is not recommended as for the high currents and but can just dip your feet in the water and listen to the music of the waves by remaining silent to enjoy nature’s real beauty.

Nearby places of interests

Marve beach Mumbai

  • Sri Hiradevi temple– it is a temple of the local goddess and lots of devotees are attracted towards the beauty of the temple.
  • Marve beachMarve beach is basically used as a gateway over ferry rides to the nearest attractions such as Water kingdom and Essel World.
  • Global Vipassana Pagoda– this pagoda can be easily reached from the beach by means of ferry transport. It is a place for mediation that runs according to the Buddhist religion.

This popular vacation spot of Aksa Beach is found at Malad in the village of Aksa. The beach is mostly seen full of couples due to its romantic environment. Once the beach was closed by the police forces due to some criminal activity but then again it is reopened. That is why the place is not so much overcrowded as most of the people are not aware of its reopening. So now you know about it, you should definitely visit this peaceful beach with wonderful natural views all around.  The place is clean as compared to Juhu and Dadar Chowpatty beach but not up to the mark. This place is highly recommended to the people who want to spend some time far away from the noisy city life in a perfectly peaceful environment.

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