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10 ways to save money on a road trip

I have tried and helped to give some suggestions on 10 ways to save money on a road trip:

10 ways to save money on a road trip
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(Last Updated On: January 31, 2020)

10 ways to save money on a road trip

Travelling not necessarily has to be expensive. It depends on the place you are visiting. For example, Goa beach is expensive than Digha. On the other hand, hill stations are comparatively less costly than cities. It is necessary to utilize your money in the best way possible. Why would you spend more when you have plenty of options? Keep all the necessary things handy so that you don’t have to purchase them at a higher price from outside. Nowadays internet has made it much easier for people to find hotels and book them a lower price. One should also consult some of the travelling agents as they give discounts. It is not possible for one person to know everything about saving money on a road trip; therefore I have tried and helped to give some suggestions on 10 ways to save money on a road trip:

Check your car

If possible do a car servicing just before you are out on a road trip. Many people think that it is less expensive to travel by road that on air. Yes, it is true if you follow some of the measures. Do not over speed your car it consumes a lot of fuel. Make sure the tires are inflated as they will ensure fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Carry your ATM cards

You may not find ATM machines in every corner of the place you are visiting especially if it is somewhere in the interiors. Withdraw sufficient cash which you think will be absolutely necessary. Try to pay via your ATM cards in places where they allow using it.

Avail discounts and Coupons

Your travel websites may provide you with coupons or discounts. You must know how to avail them. This may help to reduce unwanted expenditure. Get inside the rest area when you enter the state. These places often have hotel books which cover hotels of the entire state and coupons attached to them.


In case you are not camping (which would otherwise have been less expensive though), you may check for hotels and accommodations through various websites on Google. There are many websites which will offer you places to stay in as well as provide you complimentary breakfast and might be situated in the perfect place, close to the travelling locations.  These come under different packages which may be slightly higher than the regular ones.

Parking your car

In case you are taking your car, it is very difficult to find a place to park it. The hotel may provide a parking space but at a high cost. It is always better to find an alternative parking spot nearby.

Talk with localities

Interacting with the local people will make you aware of the price rates of the nearby places and also their directions. They might be of more help than Google.

Food and Snacks

If the journey is long and through a deserted place, I would suggest you carry sufficient amount of food and drinks. In case you are stopping somewhere to rest at least you can have something to munch on.


Interacting with the locals will make you aware of the nearby eateries which might be cheaper than the hotel restaurants. Also, you will get to taste their authentic food.


In case you are a coffee addict, you can carry the electric kettle (the small one) with sufficient coffee packs. During the journey, you might stop sometimes for a coffee break.

Plan ahead

Reaching the hotel and unpacking is not the only thing you are supposed to do. Plan for the rest of the days, or if you have already done it well then have a happy journey.


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10 ways to save money on a road trip
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