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5 highway dhabas in India- a must try

5 highway dhabas in India- a must try

5 highway dhabas in India- a must try

5 highway dhabas in India- a must try

5 highway dhabas in India

5 highway dhabas in India- a must try

5 highway dhabas in India- a must try

A road trip remains incomplete without tasting the roadside food of the national highway dhabas. The dhabas occupy an important place at the heart of Indians as it reflects the authenticity of the place where they are travelling. When it comes to feeding our stomach while travelling along the long routes, the dhabas are the only option to cool our appetite. Other than eating in costly luxurious restaurants you may try the dhabas on the verge. Here are names of 5 highway dhabas in India which is very famous to the travellers.

Cheetal Grand in Delhi-Dehradun highway

It is mainly a restaurant but the needs and servings are that of a dhaba. It is located upon the Delhi Dehradun highway and you must visit it if you are on that way. Whatever you deserve you just need to order it, and the eatery would be in front of you. The dhaba cum restaurant has got everything in its store. From the traditional rice, dal, sabji, roti to modern sandwiches, cold coffee and many more, all is available at this incredible eating place. You can also try the paneer pakoras and tubular omelette of Cheetal. Foods seem tastier when the environment is neat and clean and Cheetal has it all.

Amrik Sukhdeb Dhaba on Nh1

It is situated on the GT raod of Murthal Nh1 with classy surroundings. You should not ignore it if you are passing by this highway. Once upon a time it was a small restaurant serving only the truck drivers but gradually it modified itself and now it has been a grand dhaba or restaurant, whatever you say. It is a well maintained tall building with air conditioned rooms and provide Chinese as well as Indian cuisine to the hungry travellers. The main highlight of this amazing highway restaurant is aloo paratha and Amritsari Kulcha with delightful white butter. The taste of the servings is unforgettable and you would like to come over again and again.

The Grand Lassi shop on NH 21

Situated 25 kilometers away from Chandigarh, it is very easy to locate. Lassi is very famous in the state of Punjab. It is a traditional drink made from yoghurt and mixed with certain spices to create a thick creamy juice. The lassi made by them is very rich and travellers get relief after having such a lip smacking lassi in these hot summer days. Other than this smooth cold beverage, the Grand Lassi shop is also engaged in making aloo paratha with butter and chana. This Punjabi shop prepares nice homemade yoghurt too, which is very unique from other Indian milk recipes.

Mr. Sanjay Dhaba on Srinagar-Leh highway

This is one of the most renowned dhaba among these 5 highway dhabas in India. It stands 50 kilometers away from Leh at the roadside. It is a simple shop in appearance but the food is as flavorous as those of a good restaurant. It is an old eatery that has been serving the travellers on its way for a long time. Both the Indians and foreigners find pleasure even in having a cup of black tea here. The personalised aloo paratha with gobi ki sabji is an awesome treat for lunch or dinner.

Bhajan tarka dhaba on NH 24

As you are moving towards Kumaon in Uttaranchal, Bhajan Traka Dhaba falls on the way with remarkable treats you ever had. The place is lovely with thatched roof that makes the place naturally cool.  The unique dhaba process the vegetables in their own greenhouse. This is an interesting fact which no other restaurants possess. Other than nourishing naturally, the dhaba pays full attention in cleanliness too because that is the most important factor that a traveller wants. Dishes prepared by them are garlic Lachha Paratha, Paneer butter masala, Kadhi Pakora, chana masala etc.

The food in dhabas may become cheap but are more delicious. The hospitality is also better than restaurants. The food made by the dhabas is fresh and in most of the dhabas the eateries are made in front of our eyes. So with the help of the above useful information you may feel interested in dhabas and try some of these for a unique experience.

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