Budget Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Budget Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Your honeymoon is your much-deserved holiday after all the stress and planning of a wedding and the wedding itself. It’s the perfect time to get snuggly with your new partner and make some passionate lasting memories. But not everyone has the finances for a cruise trip around the world! But rest easy, because there are a host of blue beaches, snow-peaked mountains, and vast plains around the world where you can stretch a dollar by a fair bit. Let’s take a look at some of the best budget honeymoon destinations around the world.


Thailand tourism - Budget Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon in Bangkok is a cliché for a reason. It’s a package of never-before-felt experiences at very affordable rates. In Thailand, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the usual affair of risqué shows, massages, and debauchery. Off-beat destinations like Pattaya and Chiang Mein offer some marvelous Buddhist architecture, delicious seafood, scuba diving, cave exploration, and a host of adventure sports. Even backpacking through the diverse country with your loved one is an option if you are a couple with a flair for the outdoors.


Belize - Budget Honeymoon Destinations

A short flight away from the United States, this Latin American country is a perfect balance between an adventure trip and a historical journey. You can explore the ancient Mayan ruins while you stay in a cabana by a waterfall. There are tours and excursions through the dense jungles, snorkeling and scuba diving along the second-longest barrier reef in the world. Belize also has a host of adventure sports and hotspots where you can go horse riding, zip-lining, and even bungee jumping.

The Florida Keys

Florida Keys
Florida Keys

If flying abroad is too expensive, and you still want to enjoy the sun and the sea, the Florida Keys is a perfect destination for you. A set of islands off the Caribbean coast of Florida, the Keys are renowned for some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world, which have inspired several artists and authors. The Keys are the perfect honeymoon destination if you want to lie on the beach sipping wine and enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea. There are coast side cottages available for very affordable rates and all in all it provides for a quiet, romantic getaway.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Great Vacation Spots in Mexico
Great Vacation Spots in Mexico

If you are a geeky couple that loves historical sites, the Yucatan Peninsula has plenty to offer. It’s home to Chichen Itza – the largest Mayan ruins in the world, with exquisite architectural style and ruins that are well preserved. Chichen Itza is just a small distance from Cancun, which of course is famous for its beautiful beaches and casinos which are much more affordable when compared to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. This proximity means your honeymoon can include some fun party nights combined with some spectacular World Heritage Sites, making the Yucatan peninsula a very affordable, yet diverse experience.

1. Lombok island | Top Honeymoon Destinations

Lombok island - Honeymoon Destinations World

Lombok is located in West Nusa Tenggara, one of the provinces in Indonesia. Many wonderful places on this island almost never been visited by more travelers. That is why it can be the best honeymoon destination for both of you, enjoying the island with a little hustle. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Mount Rinjani’s slopes, stunning secluded beaches, and heaven place for surfers in Sekotong, Kuta and Tanjung Aan, or three tiny islands with beautiful coast called Gili islands. For hotels, resorts, or villas, you are able to stay at Senggigi which has various hostelries.

2. Bali island, Indonesia

Bali island

Bali is a very popular destination, both foreign and domestic tourists. Perhaps, there are many people in this world who don’t know about Indonesia, but they must know Bali island whereas Bali is one of the Indonesian archipelagoes. Your eyes will be spoiled by the exotic charm of this paradise island, a wonderful stretch of beaches, stunning both sunrises and sunsets will be your romantic moment, relaxing with special spa treatments. It is not wrong if Bali becomes one of the top honeymoon destinations.

3. Cairo, Egypt


The colossal monument from ancient times can be one of the marvelous scenery in Cairo. Enjoying the beauty of night in this desert city, having romantic dinner with your love on the banks of wonderful Nile or you can stay in a luxury hotel in the nearby overlay of the river that divides Cairo city. Certainly, you will never forget your honeymoon in one of the best honeymoon destinations.

4. Maldives

Maldives - Honeymoon Destinations World

The island is located in the southwest of Srilanka. You have to go there because the Maldives includes the best honeymoon destinations. A beautiful tropical island, heaven surfing, and diving as well as far away from crowded because of the isolated island, it must be a paradise for a couple who just married. An unforgettable sweet moment in the Maldives will make both of your heart be stronger.

5. Venice, Italy

Venice - Honeymoon Destinations World

If you want to have a honeymoon in Italy, do not forget to visit Venice, the top honeymoon destination in the world. Venice is famous for its canals that connect some romantic places in the city. Here you can take a canoe and enjoy the lovely Venice. Or if you want to be freer, just get a walk around the city. Venice is not big enough.

These budget honeymoon destinations ensure that you and your partner can have a memorable time without having to overshoot your budget. Make sure you book flights and hotels in advance to avail of early bird discounts. Here’s to a happy honeymoon for you as well as your wallet.

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