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Florida Water Sports You Must Experience

Florida Water Sports You Must Experience

Florida Water Sports You Must Experience

Florida Water Sports You Must Experience

Florida Water Sports

Florida Water Sports You Must Experience

Top 5 Florida Water Sports You Must Experience

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate Summer water adventure, it’s going to be difficult to find a better place than Florida for water-based activities. And, of course, with it being Florida, you can enjoy these “summer” activities practically year round! With three of the four borders surrounded by ocean, Florida water sports are plentiful. The best part is that doesn’t even include the plethora of lakes within the state itself.

But what are the best Florida water activities to experience while you’re vacationing in the Sunshine State? Take a look at the following adventures that you just can’t miss out on while traveling in Florida!

1.   Rent a pontoon boat

pontoon boat - Florida Water Sports

If you’ve ever spent time on the water, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s usually time well spent. This is certainly the case when it comes to renting a pontoon boat. But there’s only one place in Florida that I would consider the best place to rent a pontoon boat: Destin.

With a Destin pontoon boat rental, there’s more to renting a pontoon boat than just cruising around the Destin Harbor. You’re giving yourself full access to one of the world’s most beautiful water attractions: Crab Island. So what’s the hype about Crab Island? For starters, it’s a world-class destination of crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and just about anything else you’d like to do. You’ll often find groups of boats hanging out among floating restaurants, bars, and even water slides. It’s an amazing natural attraction and one definitely worth experiencing!

Need a more comprehensive list of activities in Destin? Check out this list of the best Destin Florida attractions!

2.    Snorkeling in the keys

Snorkeling in the keys

While there are lots of areas to go snorkeling in Florida, it’s been noted time and time again that few places surpass the coral reefs along with the Florida Keys. But what spots in the Florida Keys should you go to first and how should you go about planning such an excursion? Well, make it a weekend event and go from there.

Make your first stop at the top of the keys in Key Largo. From there, make your way to the opposite end, specifically Key West. After your day in Key West, head up to any of the areas around Islamorada, Marathon, and Big Pine area. While all of these locations are fun snorkeling spots, the best locations to snorkel in the Florida Keys are in the Middle Keys (Islamorada, Marathon, and Big Pine).

Planning a trip to the Florida Keys? Take a look at our unique things to do in the Florida Keys!

3.    Jet ski tour

Jet ski tour - Florida Water Sports

If you’ve never been on a jet ski tour, there’s nothing quite like it! The opportunity to zip in and out of mangrove trees and jump over a few waves, it’s quite exhilarating. I’ve personally been jet-skiing several times and have been at different locations across North America. However, from my experience, the best would be to go jet skiing in Naples.

The Naples and Marco Island area offers a ton in terms of things to do. Between the many shops, restaurants, and activities, planning to swing by here for a water sports adventure followed up by a night out would make a fantastic weekend getaway.

4.    Sunset dolphin tour

Sunset dolphin tour

If you’re looking to experience a Florida water activity that’s a little more on the romantic side, consider taking a sunset dolphin tour. There are a ton of places to take a dolphin tour, including some of the best being St. Augustine, Naples, and Destin. However, the key to booking a successful dolphin tour is to do so through a reputable company.

The difference between tour companies can vary. However, try to book an excursion that allows you to get up close and personal with the dolphins. For instance, while some companies only do dolphin tours via a boat, others will take you on a guided tour where you can navigate the waters with your own wave runner. Either way, you look at it, your significant other and you will have the time of your life!

5.    Day sailing excursion

Day sailing excursion - Florida Water Sports

Want to go on a Florida water activity that’s a little more laid back and focused around day drinking? Then a day sailing excursion is exactly what you need! Day sailing gives you the opportunity to not only embrace the big ocean blue, but you can drink as the pirates did back in the golden age of piracy.

Okay, maybe you don’t want the experience to be as gory, so let’s settle for a Pirates of the Caribbean type of atmosphere. Either way, the captain of your sailboat is happy to take you and your friends out for a fun-filled afternoon accompanied by rum, snacks, and lots of good times.

Which of these Florida water sports would you most like to try out during your vacation in the sunny state of Florida?



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