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Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park- Tour details

Introduction of- Kanha National Park

One of the thrilling wildlife sanctuaries in India is Kanha national park which is situated in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. The place is at a distance of 165 kilometres from Jabalpur. There are two gateways to reach here, the one is Kisli and the other is Mukki. It was established in the year 1955 with an extension of 940 square kilometres. It is best known for tigers and these wild beauties could be often spotted in this forest. Knaha National Park is doing a great job by preserving many endangered species of our nature by giving them suitable place to survive. A few years ago the swamp dear was almost about to extinct but Kanha’s support has helped them survive and once again these dears are seen bugling the meadows. Grasslands, central maidens and steep rocky escarpments altogether offer a breathtaking atmosphere in the valley.

Wildlife attractions

We have mostly seen tigers in cage or in zoo. But it feels much adventurous when we see tigers freely moving in an open area. This is somehow a unique experience and a lifetime achievement if we can see such wild beasts crossing the road, or roaring from behind a tree. However natural vegetation of the jungle is not only beatified by the tigers but it involves other wild animals too. Bison, chital, peacock, bear, jackal, hyena, python, leopard are the major attractions of the forest. You can also watch birds like fowl, herons, rollers, ring does , kingfisher, drogues, owls, pintails and many more. Kanha National Park is home to almost 270 types of birds species. A museum is there at Kanha that represents the tribal culture and activities of the park. Jeep safari and elephant safaris are the two options to visit the national park.

Forest safari

Jungle safari is the main and most important activity to do while you are on a visit to Kanha National Park. There are four zones of the forest from where safari into the jungle in controlled: Kanha zone, Kisli zone, Mukki and Sarhi zone. One ticket is allowed for visiting each zone at a time. You cannot visit all the zones with one ticket. Two round of safari is allowed in a day. The tourists entering the forest are taken well cared by the forest guide. Tourists are bound to maintain all the rules and regulations imposed on them. The forest stays closed on every Wednesday. Limited numbers of vehicles are allowed for jungle safari.

When you should visit

Summer is very hot as humidity is relatively high near natural vegetation. The temperature during summer ranges between 24 degrees to 41 degrees. Winters are very pleasant and are the best time to visit. The forest remains closed for the entire rainy season which starts from July and ends in mid October. Although during monsoon the forest is seen in a different view. Still it is best not to visit there at this time due to the risk of insect bites.

Places to stay in Kanha National Park

You can get full enjoyment of nature if you stay in nature oriented resorts other than staying in magnificent luxurious hotels. Here are two such types of resorts where you can feel jungle like environment.

Wild chalet resort

The picturesque Kanha National Park is famous for its natural beauty and attracts nature lovers from far and wide. Wild chalet resort situated at the banks of river Banjar in Baihar offers a comfortable and a secure stay for the travellers. The resort is enhanced with cottages and provides all the basic facilities required for a prominent home stay. Modern amenities include comfortable rooms and in-house restaurant with fabulous Indian, continental and Chinese cuisines.

Kanha jungle lodge

It is located a few meters away from Mukki entrance gate of the forest where you can reach by just a short walk. The lodge provides visitors with a rewarding and exciting adventure experience. It is just an ideal place for the nature oriented travellers who want to dwell between woods. Nestled in 11 acre of thick Sal forest these hut type lodges gives you a chance to watch the birds all around. So explore nature fully and make your tour a memorable one.

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