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Sabarna Sangrahashala

Sabarna Sangrahashala

Sabarna Sangrahashala

Sabarna Sangrahashala

Sabarna Sangrahashala

Sabarna Sangrahashala

Sabarna Sangrahashala- a place for history enthusiasts

It is a museum that was founded in the year 2005 by the royal family of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury. The Sabarna Sangrahashala museum has been created basically for the research scholars and the students to make them aware of the history of West Bengal and to preserve the source materials. It has jointly formed by with the Manna Publications. The Sabarna family is very famous of the old zaminders since 18th century. The greatest thing that was achieved by their family is the Kolkata birthday case. Now the family has decided to preserve their history and therefore established this Sangrahashala that means a house of rare collection.

You would be amazed to know that Kabindra Parameshwar who translated Mahabharata into Bengali language belongs to this family. The Padmabati gallery is the main attraction that houses many fascinating historical belongings such as Siraj Ud Daula’s knife made of ivory, stamps, old kitchen utensils, graphics and comics are added attractions.

Exhibitions details

Every year during Durga puja the magazine ‘Sabarna Barta’ is published where the new researched materials get published. And in the month of February every year the museum arranges for an international heritage and history exhibition that showcases history resources. The exhibition continues foe four days and many cultural events, open quiz and seminars are held during this period. This cultural program organizes seminars that focus on history of different nations specially the neighbouring countries of India. They highlight their historical relationship with these neighbouring countries with India. In 2015 it was Bhutan and in 2016, Sri Lanka was the main topic of the seminar. In 2017 Nepal was highlighted and the counsellor general of Nepal was present there. In the year 2018, it was Thailand who centralised the edition. There is a hand written magazine named ‘Saptarshi’ that is published by the family during this exhibition. The editor of this magazine is Devarshi Roy Chowdhury and Dipak Kumar Roy.


The museum got a library of its own that houses many rare books as well as journals. There is a new digit library that has been created recently and public can use it free of cost. It contains journals and travelogues with historical topics from Kolkata, Mughal period and it also contains the history of the Sabarna Roy Chowdhury family.

About Sabarna Sangrahashala

The museum is situated in Barisha of Kolkata.  The museum is maintained by the Sabarna Roy Chowdhury Parishad. The visiting hours are from 10 to 12 in the morning and again from 5 to 7 in the evening. Entry fee is not there. It takes just one to two hours to completely visit the place. It remains opened on all days of the week except Thursday.

How to reach

Buses are available from esplanade that leaves for Thakurpukur or Amtala. You must get down at Sekharbazar to reach the hitorical place. And if you choose metro then get down at Mahanayak Uttam Kumar or Tollygunge metro. From there Sekharbazar is just at a distance of 20 minutes. It is near to the diamond harbour road.

Places to stay near Sabarna Sangrahashala

There are wide varieties of places to stay near the museum. If you are searching for any budget hotels then Alipore guest house, hotel sea castle and Oyo Kalighat are the perfect ones to serve you a comfortable stay. There are also 3 star hotels such as Artland hotel and Prayag Artisto club where you should not hesitate to stay as they are much pocket friendly than any other hotels.

Anyone who is keen to know about the past history of west Bengal and want to have an insight into them through the preserved materials then you must try this wonderful historical museum. Ou would be greatly moved by the art and design that created such a wonderful heritage destination. You can spot students participating in the events that prove that the museum succeeded in putting impressions of the old tradition in the mind of young generation. Best time to visit the museum would be during the month of February when the seminars and events are held. This museum serves as the most innate historical heritage among all other museums in Kolkata.

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