Exclusive Street Foods of the Paris

Top Five Exclusive Street Foods of the Paris

There is nothing new to tell about Paris. Paris offers some of the exclusive restaurants inviting tourists from all across the globe. Now Paris is also one of the most popular tourist attractions offering exclusive opportunities to indulge in some shopping activities. Now if budget is certainly a factor and you are hoping to save some money on food and try something different, no more worries as Paris has a lot to offer. Paris is reputed to be the land of escargot and soufflés. The exclusive street foods of the city of Paris are waiting to be discovered. Here are the top five delicious street food of Paris which is waiting and served to be savored by you.

Gyros of Saint Michel

Gyros - Street Foods of the Paris

Now the grand splendor of Notre Dame Cathedral is certainly not to be missed. The winding road offers delicious Greek foods. There is a popular food available there “Extra Pita Grecque” which is available for just 4.50 Euros. This large pita is properly stuffed with chicken shawarma which is made from rotisserie meaty with an extra addition of tomato and lettuce. The cherry on the top is a large number of French fries. Now get yourself lucky with a special yogurt garlic and cucumber sauce. This is the ideal version of a sandwich which if goes in your stomach in one go, you will certainly not need any full meal again before a long time. But feel the essence of European style by eating those French fries with a fork.

Falafels of the Marais

Falafels - Street Foods of the Paris

The quarters of Jews are famous for the delicious yet unparallel Rue de Rosiers. For just five Euros, you will get falafel at any of the restaurants which is located all along the street. Hummus is spread along with vegetables and bean patties which go well with spicy sauce. You can have the dish at a street food window or just sit on a proper table with a cart of buffet style. Rue de Roisiers will effectively satiate your falafel craving on spot stopping your stomach’s hungry tantrums.

The popular French Pastries- Macarons


Now a Parisian would love to nibble on some sweets and sandwiches. One and all can get viennoises, specialty sandwiches, and macarons which are all available for just 5 Euros. Two of the popular French sweets of the region are viennoises and Macarons. Macarons can be defined as a small round cookie with almonds as a base. The cookie has a medium to the hard exterior with a creamy middle. There are numerous flavors that are available. Flavors include chocolate, coffee, and vanilla.


Viennoise - Street Foods of the Paris

Viennoise is the bread that is sugary and soft filled with chocolate chips. The price of this dessert usually ranges from 1 to 2 Euros. Feel guilty and experience the pleasure with this large but delicious pastry. These beautiful delicacies are some of the best street foods in Paris. There are numerous patisseries and boulangeries all along the streets of Paris. Try your delicious at Patissier which is located at right at the end of the Avenue Carnot in Maison Hardt. There are numerous shops which offer excellent dinner bread.

Crêpes of Montparnasse


In Paris, Crêpes are available anyplace anywhere and can be eaten anywhere. There are Crêpes both for breakfast and dinner. In fact, there are a number of restaurants that offer Crêpes as well as corner stands that offer Crêpes. In fact, late at night, a street Crêpes is the ideal mostly for late at night. They are usually starting at under 2 Euros and are available in different flavors. So if you are out late at night and just wish for a late-night savoring just what you need is 3 Euros. Crêperie Henri is an exclusive delicious one that is available in the evenings at any of the stands. Search a little and get gaufres and Churros which are waffles that are covered in chocolate cream. All the exclusive top five street foods of Paris are available at just under 5 Euros. Now if you are looking for cliché foods or romantic foods or even exotic snacks, Paris has already for you. Just get down to the streets and indulge in good eats and delicious streets foods and enjoy the culinary glory of Paris.

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