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Things To Do In India

Things To Do In India

Things To Do In India

To Do In India

Things To Do In India

Places To Visit And Things To Do In India

Crowned with temples, churches, a monastery, a hub for spirituality, with humid weather, overshadowing the Himalayas and overpopulated Indians – This, in a nutshell, is India. Adventure is the new Hot, this summer grab your hats and make it the best vacation of the year. Summers are a great way to unwind, think, or go explore off beaten paths.

Andaman & Nicobar-Snorkelling

andaman tourism - Things To Do In India

Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, is the perfect gateway to this beauty and is interconnected with other islands via daily ferries. Havelock and Neil Island are celebrated and famous islands among visitors. Decorated by nature with pearly white sands, palm trees lined shores and offers, the finest snorkeling and diving spots in India. The geography of the Andaman and Nicobar islands has changed completely and is now known for its thriving tourism especially between honeymooners and adventure freaks.

Kerala – Ayurveda & boathouse

kerala tourist places

Kerala the state of natural goodness and Serenity. It is a blissful escape to silence. An abode for an introvert seeking the green, calmness, and surrounded with great activities. Find Healing in Ayurveda and boathouses in the Alleppey region there’s a lot Kerala could offer as a romantic moment at the Alappuzha Lighthouse. During the festival, if you are in Kerala you’re lucky enough to catch the Punnamada Lake’s snake boat races a well-known annual event.

Goa – Party destination

Panaji - Goa tourist places - Things To Do In India

One of the Indian known destinations is widely celebrated in summers, you be the better Judge and pick your favorite from the given facts. From Konkani to Pork chops Goa covers it all the way around makes it one of the best destinations in India. Goa, being a beach destination is also known for its unique culture and history like its Portuguese architecture. Big shout out to its golden sandy beaches, night markets, and casinos. Enjoy a range of adventures like parasailing, surfing, and dolphin spotting.

Uttarakhand – Rafting

Uttarakhand Tourism

The Rafting Expedition is challenging to the human soul with rafting trips across the world. The Brahmaputra being the biggest rivers on the planet, originates from Tibet, where it is known as Tsangpo. Coming through the Himalayas across Tibet, it enters India for a stretch of 200 km journey to the plains. The upper section is called Siang. The expedition starts from the upper Brahmaputra river starting from Tuting. We would raft for 180 km from this river from Tuting to Pasighat, hurling exciting rapids and crossing remote inaccessible gorges with dense tropical rain forests. The Brahmaputra rafting gives one of the remote river trips on the planet, converting it into an unforgettable experience.

Mumbai – Metropolitan Wonder

Mumbai Sightseeing - Things To Do In India

Elephanta caves give a big shoutout to UNESCO World Heritage for putting this on the map. Also known as ‘City of Caves’, Situated on an island in the Sea of Oman touching Bombay, Furnished with rock art linked to the statue of Shiva. Do check the Ferry service and be on time as the frequency varies. Ferry leaves from Gateway of India giving you an amazing panoramic view of Mumbai, The Taj, and Gateway of India. There are many ways to reach this place, also a route from the ferry leaving from Gate of India is highly recommended. Standing Offshore is the 17th-century Kolaba Fort with its carvings of tigers and elephants, dedicated Hindu temples. Portuguese-built Korlai Fort is also one of the major highlight dates with a historic lighthouse.


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