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Why Visit Spain?

Why Visit Spain?

Why Visit Spain

Why Visit Spain?

Why Visit Spain?

Why Visit Spain?: Spain is well known for its beaches and sunny weather, but it has many other things to offer, from gothic cathedrals and quiet country villages to rugged coastlines, mountains, and volcanoes. So pack your bikini and espadrilles, sort out your travel insurance and head off on an adventure to this beautiful and surprisingly varied country.

Spanish Architecture

There are many gothic buildings in Spain and the cathedrals, in particular, are spectacular, with Santiago de Compostela being a particularly great example. The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is a great example of the work of Santiago Calatrava and a visit to it after dark when it is floodlit is a must if you are in the region. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is also worth seeing for its amazing modern architecture. A trip to Barcelona will involve trying to make sense of Gaudi’s eccentric La Sagrada Familia. You can have a look into Spain’s distant past with a visit to the Roman aqueduct at Segovia. Whatever part of Spain you visit, there will be a host of architectural gems to gaze at.

Getting Active

Spain has such a varied landscape that you will find the perfect conditions for almost any outdoor activity. Take a guided horse ride along the bandoleros trails in the Serrania de Ronda, or a motorbike trail if you prefer more than just the one horsepower. The beaches offer surfing and sunbathing, as well as newer sports such as kite surfing or kneeboarding, so you can learn something new in between relaxing and enjoying the scenery. However, make sure your travel insurance will cover any mishaps.

Eat Out in Style

Paella is one of Spain’s most famous dishes and the tapas are also not to be missed. Why not try a little something with your drinks as you go for a leisurely bar crawl on a sunny afternoon? Other dishes to try in Spain include cochinilloasado (suckling pig), queso manchego (a sheep’s milk cheese), and of course chorizo and various Spanish hams. Wash it all down with Sangria, a classic Spanish red wine similar to a Rioja, or to cool you down on a hot day go for a chilled beer.


Spain Festivals

There are many festivals throughout the year and all over the country. Semana Santa is the Spanish Easter celebration and is particularly enjoyable in Seville and Malaga. The Tomatina Tomato Fight is a lot of fun if you like a big food fight – held in August in Bunol, the origins of this festival are hazy at best. The San Fermin Festival is when the famous Pamplona Bull run takes place, which is a great spectacle to watch and is probably best left at that as not many travel insurance policies will cover you actually taking part!


There are so many reasons to visit Spain, from the beaches and bars to the mountains, rivers, and amazing architecture.


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