Winter in Thailand

Winter in Thailand

Winter travelers are divided into 2 types: those who prefer snowy places, for example, ski resorts, and those who fly from cold winters to hot summers, say, to Thailand. knows just about Thailand firsthand since our # best land is located on the island of Phuket. In this article, we’ll talk about who will like such a trip, what nuances to consider before a trip, what budget to count on, and which location is better to choose.

Why go to Thailand in the winter?

If you still doubt whether or not to go, here are 5 good reasons:

  1. The average temperature in Thailand in winter is +28 degrees.
  2. Clear sea and sandy beaches.
  3. There is entertainment for everyone: snorkeling, diving, fishing, zoos and aquariums, yoga, crazy parties, and much more.
  4. Fruit paradise: bananas, pineapples, mangoes, dragonfruits, durians, coconuts, lychees, guava.
  5. Peerless, and most importantly worth a penny, massage: with oil, with herbal bags, massage of the face, foot, or entire body.

Who can go to winter in Thailand?

Thailand and Koh Sumai
Thailand and Koh Sumai

If you work remotely, for example, you are an English tutor on Skype, a copywriter, or a developer, or you are lucky – your employer lets you go on vacation or to work remotely for 3 months, then why not transfer your “desktop” to the sea coast?

And if you do not work, but you, say, a mum on maternity leave, a senior citizen, have accumulated enough money for a long vacation or won a large amount of poker, or you are renting an apartment in the capital, then you can also consider Thailand as a winter.

How to buy cheap tickets to Thailand?

The surest and fastest way is to look at the low price calendar. Since you are planning a wintering trip, that is, a long trip, first look for one-way tickets, and then look back.

Tickets from Moscow to Bangkok now cost 13 thousand rubles with a change in Irkutsk or from 15 thousand rubles for a direct Aeroflot flight.

The cheapest tickets to Phuket from Moscow are easy to find for 15-16 thousand rubles with a change in Beijing or Bangkok. However, a direct flight can be found for 18 thousand.

The best time to search for flights to Thailand is 2-3 months before the start of the trip. But New Year’s tickets should be considered for six months, back in August.

How to find affordable housing in Thailand?

To get started, book for a week a hotel on the island on which you decide to settle, rent a bike or car, and explore the surroundings and other parts of the island. Local residents post advertisements for rental housing on the street, or you can use the services of agencies or our compatriots who are already renting and looking for neighbors or replacing themselves in the house.

Also on, you can always find apartments from 566 rubles per day with WiFi, air conditioning, TV, and a shared pool.

Where is it better to go to winter in Thailand?

It all depends on your preferences: do you like a quiet relaxing holiday or, conversely, parties until the morning; you came with a child or you have a romantic trip with a soul mate.

For a family holiday, consider Chiang Mai with a huge zoo and other attractions, Phuket with the most tourist beaches of Patong, Karon, Kata, and less loaded Bang Tao, Surin, and Nai Harn, as well as Samui island with beaches where parents and children come – Chaweng Noi, LipaNoi, Bang Po, Ban Tai, and Maenam.

For party-goers and party lovers, Phuket (Patong Beach), Phangan (the main party is the Fool Moon Party), and Pattaya (look for crazy nightlife on Walking Street) are perfect.

For a romantic trip, choose the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Phi Phi, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan (at all times, except for the Fool Moon Party, there is peace and quiet), and Krabi.

You can take a break from compatriots on Koh Chang or Koh Tao.

Do Russians need a visa to Thailand?

A Russian visa to Thailand is not required if the travel time is not more than 30 days and the purpose of the trip is exclusively tourists. In any case, you can go to a neighboring country and come back again and get a new permit for 30 days.

In Russia, you can get a visa in advance at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand for 3 or 6 months.

Documents required for obtaining a visa:

  • Passport or identity card valid for at least 6 months;
  • Copy of the main page of the passport;
  • A completed (in English) visa application form;
  • Photo size (4 × 6 cm.);
  • Confirmation of entry to the Kingdom of Thailand and departure from the Kingdom of Thailand (confirmed ticket, fully paid);
  • Confirmation of financial condition (equivalent to 20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family);
  • Sponsorship letter for those who do not have their financial confirmation (Copy of passport and copy of the financial confirmation of the sponsor);
  • Certificate of employment (for employees);
  • The consular officer of the department reserves the right to request any additional documents that he considers necessary;
  • A letter from a medical institution from Thailand, a medical card, a certificate (for the MT category).

For minors:

  • Birth certificate (either original and copy, or notarized copy);
  • Notarized consent from one / both parents if the child travels unaccompanied by one / both parents (either the original and a copy, or a notarized copy).

Is Thailand safe?

Of course, you need to be extremely vigilant, especially in tourist areas. Not only local residents, but tourists themselves can steal a wallet or jewelry. So leave your gold chains and packs of money at home.

What vaccinations should be done before traveling to Thailand?

No special vaccinations are needed without which you will not be allowed into the country. If you are traveling to Thailand for a month and your child has come to take a standard vaccination, then it is probably better to postpone this event until you return home from vacation. If you are traveling for a long time and you will need to get vaccinated, then just bring your vaccination certificate with you and check that the vaccines are written in English. In Thailand, you can go to any hospital, and there a doctor will take you and put all the necessary vaccinations.

However, the World Health Organization recommends a series of vaccinations before traveling to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries:

  1. Against hepatitis A and hepatitis B.
  2. From diphtheria and tetanus.
  3. From typhoid fever.
  4. From Japanese encephalitis.
  5. From poliomyelitis.

Although many travelers claim that simply observing the rules of personal hygiene can protect you from all sorts of diseases and misfortunes.

What medicines to bring to Thailand?

Before collecting a first-aid kit, be sure to take out travel insurance.

In Thailand, you can buy medicines on the spot: pharmacies and 7/11 stores with essentials are found at every step. In them, you will find aspirin, Smecta, antipyretic, cooling patch on the forehead, stomach alma el, and paracetamol.

You can take medications with you for force majeure situations when there is neither the strength nor the desire to run to the pharmacy:

  1. For example suprastin, fenistil, Zyrtec. Thailand has a lot of exotic fruits and food. Therefore, a spare jar will not hurt.
  2. From intestinal disorders. This is exactly what you need to have on hand, because in a state of poisoning or upset you do not particularly like pharmacies. Medicines: enterosgel, Imodium, rehydration, smectic, activated carbon, linex.
  3. Medications for the ears and nose. For example otipax, nazivin, aquamarine, or any other means for washing the nose.
  4. Remedy for motion sickness type drama.
  5. Zelenka or iodine.
  6. Panthenol for burns.

What currency to take to Thailand?

First decide what you will go with: cash or a credit card. In the second case, everything is clear: the ATM will give you the local currency – baht. But keep in mind that even if your bank does not charge a fee for withdrawing money from third-party ATMs, a local bank can take it. Also, before traveling, be sure to warn your bank about visiting a particular country so that card transactions are not considered fraudulent and your card is not blocked.

Now it remains to decide what currency to take with you: euros, dollars or rubles. Due to the unstable ruble exchange rate, it is better to exchange the native currency for a foreign one. Otherwise, today you will exchange rubles at the rate of 0.58 baht per 1 ruble, and tomorrow 0.48 per 1 ruble.

See how the ruble/dollar exchange rate has changed:

… and the rate of the baht against the dollar:

See where the jump difference is higher?

What transport to travel to Thailand?

There are two options:

  1. The vehicle in which you are a passenger. For example, a tuk-tuk (a motorcycle taxi with a small pickup truck with a bench), a song to (an open pickup truck with two benches in the back), a taxi (in large cities look for Uber and Grab Taxi), a bus (the main form of transport for long-distance travel; usually between cities have double-decker buses), a train (less popular than a bus; tourists more often use the Phuket-Bangkok-Chiang Mai route), an airplane (the most developed transport and is comparable in value to a bus).
  2. Transport for rent: motorbike or car. Do not forget that you must have an international driver’s license and insurance that covers active sports, regardless of whether you plan to arrange motorcycle races or not.

Internet in Thailand

Most hotels and rental homes have WiFi, but if your work requires a stable connection, you must have plan B – mobile Internet. There are several operators in Thailand: from the famous Dtac, True Move, and AIS. All of them have 3G. However, the speed and cost leave much to be desired. The usual speed on the incoming channel is 1.3-8 Mbit / s. And prices start at 200 baht for 1 Gb.

What kind of food to try in Thailand?

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The bulk of Thai dishes are spicy. But you can ask in advance to reduce the sharpness.

The most popular Thai dishes:

  1. Tom Yam – Spicy Coconut Milk Soup.
  2. Rice with curry – yellow, red, or green.
  3. Som there – papaya salad.
  4. Pad Thai – fried noodles with shrimp or meat.
  5. Spring rolls – fried rolls with vegetables and spicy sauce.

Now that you have learned almost everything about Thailand, will we fly for the winter?

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