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hawa mahal jaipur

hawa mahal jaipur

hawa mahal jaipur

hawa mahal in Jaipur is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Hawa mahal literally means palace of the winds. It was constructed in 1799. Ever since then, it has been a sight to behold. The architecture is done in the red and pink sandstone. The architecture is a fine example of the Rajputana architecture of that time. If you look at the monument itself, you would realize that it consists of 953 different windows. These windows were constructed in order to facilitate the women of the palace to view the proceedings outside.

History of  hawa mahal jaipur:

As we stated above, the hawa mahal was constructed in 1799. The palace was constructed as the royal palace. One of the most iconic features of the architecture is the large number of windows which were created in order to let the women of the Palace view the proceedings outside.


If you look at the total height of the palace, it is around 50 feet from the bottom. The walls are also more than a foot thick. This was done to provide an added layer of protection to the palace. The courtyard which is the inside is quite spacious and has buildings of 2 storeys on either side. The interior of the palace was created in a completely normal manner with large passages as well as pillars to support the entire structure. One more unusual feature of the palace is that stairss were not constructed in order to reach the upper floors. Rather, you would find that the slopes were created in in order to enable people to reach the upper floors. Currently, the palace also houses the archaeological Museum which has plenty of artifacts of that era. Owing to these old reasons, it is a must visit tourist attraction when you’re in Jaipur.

Tourist attractions nearby:

Hawa mahal is located in the proper city of Jaipur. That is why, when you’re visiting these tourist attractions, there are plenty of other tourist attractions nearby as well. Some of the other tourist attractions nearby are:

  • Jain Temple
  • Statue Circle
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Govind Devji Temple
  • Amer Fort

When you’re in Jaipur, it is always a good idea to catch a glimpse of this iconic heritage of the city. It still stands tall after more than 200 years. It is a remark of the fine architectural skills of the Rajput regime who constructed it and used the palace as their royal residence.

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hawa mahal jaipur
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